w-200Laboratory to perform the cross-section of terminals crimping. It’s compact unit and easy to use. The procedure is divided into three phases: the first is the sectioning of crimping by means of an abrasive disk at high speed, the second phase is polishing using an abrasive disc with different grains and the third phase is the acquisition by a digital microscope. It comes with the image management software.

Technical data:

  • Cutter disk diameter: 36 x 0,6mm
  • Interchangeable polish disk
  • Cross section: AWG32 – AWG10 ; 0.32 – 10mm²
  • Removable gripper: 0 – 10mm
  • Comunications port: USB
  • Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions mm (WxHxD): 500x250x400
  • Weight: 20Kg

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