wpl10Absolute quality applicators to crimp end feed terminals with thickness up to 1mm, max terminal pitch 27mm, max cross section 10mmq, with pneumatic feed version. It is dressed either with a four pad or a continuous regulating head (optional), beside the 6 digits not resettable counter and two cams for feeding up stroke or down stroke. The cam design is unique and grants smooth terminal feeding and accuracy. The support lever of the feed finger can be adjusted to zero clearance, even after long periods of use, to ensure precision. The overall mechanic design and manufacturing, particular the feeding system, grants high precision when crimping miniature terminals. Every fine tuning, including the pitch adjustment, are intuitive and extremely accurate. The one piece anvil is supplied as a standard, however the two pieces anvil configuration is available on request without surcharge.

It can be installed on any press having a shut height of 135.8mm (or 135.2mm) and be used for semi-automatic crimping (bench top press) or on a Crimp Center for high production volumes. The micrography of one cross section is always included in the mini applicator data sheet; crimp validation or CMK study available on request.


  • CRIMP HEIGHT: 135.8mm (different arrangement available on request, generally without surcharge)
  • STROKE: 40mm (different arrangement available on request, generally without surcharge)
  • TERMINAL PITCH: max 27mm
  • WIRE SECTION: up to 10mm 2
  • FEEDING SYSTEM: mechanic (pneumatic feeding available without surcharge)
  • WEIGHT: 3.9Kg
  • DIMENSIONS: D185 x 73 x H145

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