wsc1500WSC1500 by WIRMEC is an automatic machine to perform operations of stripping and crimping of terminals on electric cables. The machine in question does not require any additional kit to perform special processing, short stripping, sections very small and very short cables. This machine can fitting a lot of types of applicators, without to change anythink. Can be used miniapplicators without terminals extractor, because the machine is equipped of terminals extractor mobile. One can use a aplicator without size strip, as the residues of the processing should not be to interfere with the module itself. Adjustments and stripping sections are displayed on diplay.

The grippers of the sealing wire and the cutting blades / Stripping close in a symmetrical manner keeping the wire always in axis with the applicator. Included in the blade assembly is provided for easy removal of the applicator. Replacing the blades quickly and easily.