AF 500 Smart
30 Haziran 2021
RC 90/3
30 Haziran 2021
Unwinding machine

The AF 1250 is the perfect solution for very heavy cable coils.

This unwinding machine has a solid structure of normalised welded steel, coated with abrasion resistant epoxy paint.

The coil supports are supported by cone bearings and fixed to the base frame. The lifting and locking of the coil are driven by a hydraulic unit.

A three-phase alternating current motor controlled by a vectorial inverter drives the rotation of the coil. The accumulator (mobile) consists of a welded normalized steel structure which supports two groups of idle pulleys. The cable tension is ensured by a pneumatic cylinder. The model is safely protected by perimeter guards and the access door is locked electrically by micro-switch.

Technical specifications
Max coil diameter 1250 mm
Max coil weight 800 kg

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