30 Haziran 2021
SP 200
30 Haziran 2021
Cut & strip machineThe ECS-35 model is a fully electronic cut & strip machine: all parameters related to stripping, length and thickness of the cable are managed with PLC. The electronic control unit also manages all the other production data such as the cutting length, speed and the number of pieces to be obtained.
The main feature of ECS-35 is to have two separate stripping heads, capable of working simultaneously at the beginning and the end of the cable: this allows it to reach a great processing speed.
The brushless motors guarantee a constant and precise cycle, even in the presence of cables with important section or special insulation.Suitable for cables with the following characteristics:
• max. diameter 35 mm
• max. cable section 240 mm2

Technical specifications
Cable section 1 – 240 mm2
Max. cable diameter 35 mm

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