30 Haziran 2021
30 Haziran 2021
Automatic line for 2nd side of Multicore cables

KT322 is a compact and flexible line, ideal for any production environment of power cords. It is, in fact, designed for final processing of the 2nd side of the cable, opposite to the already-seamed part: terminal seam, insulation sleeves and clamp.
The main machining phases of the 2nd side are the following:

Moreover, the KT322 performs electrical tests online, in accordance with the customer’s testing requirements and relevant national regulations.

The electromechanical seam presses use mini-applicators that can be equipped with a CFM system of certified seam monitoring (optional).

Technical specifications
Workable cables 2 x 0.5 ÷ 3 x 1.5 mm2
Cycle time 3 sec.

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