30 Haziran 2021
30 Haziran 2021
Injection rotary press for power cablesThe Rotary Molding® is an innovative solution that allows to include the molding operation within a broader process of cable processing.
There is no longer the need to bundle the cables in order to place them on the working molds as required by a traditional linear molding.
In fact, this revolutionary rotary system places each cable into the mold, individualizing the operation. In case of a malfunction of an injection head and / or the mold, the operation of the press is ensured equally, unlike normal multi-cavity presses that are forced to stop.
There are two models of Rotary Moulding:

  • RM 8, equipped with 8 injection heads, for a production of 900 pieces / hour *
    • RM 12, equipped with 12 injection heads, for a production of 1.200 pieces / hour *

* considering an injection equal to approximately 40 g / mold

The total absence of manual processes within the entire manufacturing process ensures compliance with the highest requirements of the leading manufacturers of household appliances.

Technical specifications
Max. weight of injectable PVC 45 gr
Productivity 1200 pieces / hour with 12 injection heads

940 pieces / hour with 8 injection heads

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