30 Haziran 2021
AF 80
30 Haziran 2021
Cutting MachineSP 200 is an automatic machine for cutting round cables, flat cables, hoses, hoses for compressed air, water hoses, liners, sleeves, etc.
It is extremely reliable and powerful (300 kg / 6 bar) and is equipped with a large machining window that allows to cut a wide range of products, different in material and size.
It is possible to optimize the transport of cable, by adjusting the height of the passage through the belts. This will avoid both the deformation and the damage to the product. The sharp edges of the blades are made of hard metal to ensure perfect cuts with heavy working loads.
It is also available in a configuration for pipe cut (hence without conductor), thanks to a special V-shaped perforation blade, and a kit with the format of the requested section.Working space:
• Max. height 32 mm
• Max. width 110 mm

Technical specifications
Max height of the cable passage 32 mm
Max width of the cable passage 110 mm

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